Proven & Lucrative (MAT) Business Model

  • Proven & Lucrative (MAT) Business Model

    Proven & Lucrative (MAT) Business Model

    The Why

    Medication-assisted treatment is one way to help those with opioid addiction recover their lives. There are three, equally important parts to this form of treatment:

    • Medication

    • Counseling

    • Support from family and friends.

    These three parts work together to help people recover. Medication-assisted treatment may be helpful to your friend or loved one.

    The use of medications to treat substance use disorders (SUDs) has emerged as a potentially central part of the treatment armamentarium. – {1} Science Direct

    The Team

    Responsible doctors who know the market they’re treating and have the passion to do so with a high level of efficacy.

    1. Effective Digital Marketing which is the backbone of every modern business. It’s the proven way to target the right people at the right time and in the right place.
    2. Rotating & on call Admissions department that will enable the addicted individual and treatment matrix to contact the headquarters at any time. This removes the responsibility from the physicians and their wellness team and frees them up for treating the individual.

    The Plan

    1. Set Up doctors office with the chosen team of physicians, wellness and admin professionals.
    2. Staff 1-10 doctors that are qualified and passionate about this type of treatment.
    3. Treat 275-2750 patients which will create a substantial outreach to those who need it and a successful practice for the doctors in an ever-growing field.
    4. When profitable, obtain licensure so insurance can be billed as a facility and collect a substantial amount more revenue

    First MAT Model – Lexington, KY

    Suboxone Clinic Lexington Over 100+ calls

    Suboxone Doctor Lexington KY

    Some Career Highlights

    I founded TransformationsTreatment.Center in 2008, grew the company to 70 beds before selling in 2011

    The Addiction Networks – I created 110 lead generating websites and sold that company in 2016

    Set up and handled call center operations for Suboxone Clinic Delray Beach adding 100+ patients

    Successfully Set up MAT marketing campaigns in Matawan, NJ, Knoxville, TN, Delray Beach, FL, Lexington, KY, (2) Baltimore, MD area (Transformed Lives MD in Bowie MD and MD MATT in Randallstown MD)

    Suboxone Clinic Lexington                      The First Page – WE OWN IT! – We dominate any local market!
    My partners and clients own the first page making it virtually impossible for clients to choose anyone else!

    suboxone doctor knoxville tn

    suboxone doctors in Knoxville TN area

    I am the former founder of The First Clinician Reviewed and Approved Network of Elite Providers –

    Founder and CEO Matthew SteinerFind out how you and I can help a lot of people and do very well financially along the way.




    My Fees

    First month $3500

    Second month $3000

    Every month after $2500

    3 month minimum agreement. I need to get the system in place so whether we continue working together or not after 3 months, the company will still produce six figure revenue stream….

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